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Self-taught, still-life photographer Mario Godlewski is recognized for his striking graphic contemporary imagery. With his use of technology along with his precision to detail, this has established him as one of the top go-to photographers for luxury beauty and lifestyle brands. 

Mario discovered his interest in photography early on firstly by taking apart his father’s cameras, then whilst at the University for the Creative Arts his true passion for photography fully developed. Finding himself spending more time in the darkroom researching photographic techniques this interest eventually superseded his original studies and he has been taking pictures ever since.

Inspired by his curiosity of technology and science, Mario is continuously researching new ways to challenge himself and bring his clients constant inspiration. Alongside his consistent use of lasers and innovative light technology plus his expansion into motion photography with cutting-edge robotic technology has resulted in the creation of unparalleled artistry.

From his studio in New York, Mario has created and directed advertising campaigns for a diverse range of clients which include Apple, Estée Lauder, Tom Ford Beauty, La Mer, Nike, Cartier, Samsung, Tiffany, De Beers, Bobbi Brown, L’Oréal, Armani, Burberry, Clinique, Ralph Lauren and TAG Heuer.


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