Emily Lipson


Emily Lipson

Emily Lipson is a New York based photographer.

Having started her career working in editorial archives, Emily developed a love for iconic American photographers and became fascinated with the marriage of impeccable lighting and dynamism in a photograph, something she still strives to incorporate into her work today. 

Emily has developed a tactile approach to her pictures that serves as an antidote to the digital era, nostalgic for a time before the saturation of art via online platforms. She often incorporates this textural component to her work through a process that ultimately creates images that can stand as objects in themselves. Thus, creating work that doesn't fade away into the internet “ether” but is rather celebrated and held. 

Emily has worked editorially with magazines including M Le Monde, Vogue Italia, RE-EDITION, Interview Magazine, Dazed, W Magazine, and Revue. She has also worked commercially with clients such as Vivienne Westwood, LUAR, Maje Paris, Nike, Zara, Coach, Warby Parker, Milk Makeup, Kate Spade, Tom Ford, Lulu Lemon, Tory Burch, and Helmut Lang.

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