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Yuki Hayashi

Vogue Japan



Yuki Hayashi is a makeup artist whose modern approach to beauty draws influence from both his hometown of Tokyo as well as the energy, diversity, and culture of New York City, where he is now based.

Beginning his career as key member of Pat McGrath's team, Hayashi finds himself influenced by the physical world and the atmosphere around him, from the people he meets to elements, shapes and colors found in nature. Hayashi pushes the established boundaries of mainstream beauty, aiming to emphasize the naturalness of the individual. His approach is free-spirited, authentic, and without creative limitation.

Hayashi’s sophisticated style and attention to detail have led him to collaborate with brands such as Chanel, YSL Beauty, Tom Ford, and L’Oréal. In 2021, Hayashi was appointed the role of Creative Director for RMK Beauty, one of Japan’s top beauty brands.

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