Joshua Woods

Photographer & Director

Joshua Woods



Joshua Woods is a photographer and filmmaker from Harlem, New York and is currently based between Paris and NYC.

With unbridled curiosity, Woods interlinks the intellectual nuances of photojournalism with the creative flares of fashion and art. It is through this blurring of boundaries that Woods resists the tropes of what constitutes blackness, identity, creativity and reality. Woods' portfolio is an embrace of references from high and low culture, music to food, pop to politics, history and contemporary; a constantly evolving method of documentation that seeks to provoke action and further conversations around race, identity, creativity and reality. 

His commercial clients include Chanel, Gucci, Byredo, Nike, Nina Ricci, Lanvin, Wales Bonner and Zara. He is featured in major publications such as AnOther Magazine, M Le Monde, Purple Magazine, W Magazine & System Magazine.

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