Yumiko Hikage


Yumiko Hikage





Yumiko is a Japanese hairstylist currently based in Paris. 

Studying cinema and literature at university, Yumiko’s creative interests developed to focus her career in the world of photography, art and beauty. Originally working in a hair salon in Tokyo. Yumiko quickly became an assistant for renowned session hairstylists within the industry before carving her own path.

Taking references and inspiration from expressionist and surrealist art along with sculpture, Yumiko creates distinctive and graphic styles in her work as an artist. Yumiko is a talented wig maker and well versed in creating styles with shape, texture and colour. 

Yumiko has contributed to titles such a Buffalo Zine, Document Journal, Interview, Luncheon, Revue, SSAW and Vogues. Additionally, she has worked with clients such as Louis Vuitton, Kenzo and Lanvin. 

She also holds the position as a brand ambassador for Hair Rituel by Sisley. Her unique head spa concept, which is based on Japanese Shiatsu massage is now developed within Sisley’s treatments internationally.

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