CLM represents a community of the most inspiring, respected and innovative emerging and established artists working today. We are driven by creative excellence, working closely with all our artists to inspire and build their unique vision and practice. Our passion and approach ensures we always strive to push the creative boundaries without compromise.

CLM is part of Great Bowery. They have reimagined the traditional agency approach by uniting a diverse range of globally recognized luxury image-makers with creative strategists to offer clients end to end service from project inception to full scale execution. Across our entire collective, services include creative, artist representation, image licensing, and distribution strategy. Founded in 2015 with headquarters in New York City and London, our clients are comprised of the world’s most iconic companies spanning fashion, beauty, Web3, technology, and more.

Great Bowery is composed of B&A, Bowie, CLM, Coveteur, Gallery Stock, GrantedGBI, Lookbooks, M.A.P, Streeters and Trunk Archive.

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