Jessica Willis


Jessica Willis



Jessica (Jess) Willis is the current Fashion Director for The Cut and a Freelance Stylist based in New York City.  

Within the last few years, Jessica independently conceptualized and styled the looks for several culturally relevant videos (Solange - When I Get Home), editorials (They Invented the Supermodel), and various runway shows. Her experience in costume design and several years working behind the scenes in the music industry - inform her 360-degree understanding of the body, resulting in the recurring themes of grace, strength, and beauty throughout her work. 

Jessica's clients include Estee Lauder, Calvin Klein, Apple, And Jill Sander, to name a few. Jessica also regularly collaborates with photographers Campbell Addy and Micaiah Carter. Editorially, Jessica works outside of The Cut, with numerous Vogues and The Wall Street Journal.

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