Liz Collins

Photographer & Director

Liz Collins

LOVE Caraoke

Whether shooting fashion or beauty Liz Collins likes to inject mischief into her photographs and it is this sensibility that makes her work instantly recognisable.  The images are part representational of the music, youth culture and political unrest that dominated the streets of the second city of 1980’s Birmingham, where Collins played out her rebellious, cultured youth. These influential references are laced throughout Liz’s powerful work.

Studying under Martin Parr and Jo Spence at Art College, Collins moved to London in 1990 and was part of the Shoreditch scene that transformed East London and where the creatives were one family. Collins began taking photographs for Dazed & Confused and The Face magazines.  At a time when there were few women photographers in London she was often found alone at a table of men, her tenacity and personable nature stood her well for a prolific career where her strong vision not only turned tables towards the female view, it also helped lead the way for the many women photographers we enjoy in 2022.

Today, Liz enjoys a varied editorial career contributing to The Gentlewoman, Vogues, EXIT and Muizine. Collins’ inherent humanity creates images that are compelling and storytelling. Her finely honed skills of crafting thrilling images have led her to represent some of the World’s leading brands such as Miu Miu, Dior, Givenchy and Calvin Klein.  She has also directed a series of short films starring Cara Delevingne, Laetitia Casta, Edie Campbell and other industry greats alongside successful advertising films.

Collins divides her time between London, New York and Paris.

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