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Ben Cullen Williams Visual Artist


Ben Cullen Williams' is a London based visual artist and designer.  His work explores the boundaries between art and architecture and his distinctive aesthetic, which focuses and experiments with the sensory experience of light, space and form, informs the range of his work. He questions digital and physical fabrication processes to understand our evolving relationship to matter. He works in a range of mediums, from sculpture, installation, photography to film, crossing boundaries between disciplines.

He has collaborated with brands and companies such as Y-3, the British Fashion Council, the Serpentine Gallery and Adidas to create site specific sculptures, fashion shows and spaces. He utilises his range of media to create affective installations, spaces and images. 

In 2016 he was invited by the polar explorer Robert Swan to Antarctica where he created his photographic series Fragile Strength.  Also that year Calvin Klein commissioned a collaboration of his Sliced Vessel sculpture series to be produced and installed in Hong Kong. 

Ben’s work has been shown internationally, most recently at the Beaux Arts museum, Nantes. He studied architecture at the University of Edinburgh prior to studying at the Royal College of Art.


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