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Mario was raised in Surrey, England and discovered an interest in photography at an early age by taking apart his father’s cameras. It was not until he was at university working on a degree in graphic design that Mario’s passion for photography truly developed. While at school, Mario found himself spending more and more time in the darkroom researching photographic techniques and eventually this interest superseded his original studies. He has been taking pictures ever since.

Mario is a self-taught, still-life photographer whose interest in science and technology is apparent in his highly graphic images produced using lasers and innovative light technology. In recent years Mario has expanded his breath of work to include motion photography and has directed multiple shoots for high end clients with the use of cutting edge robotic technology.  Working with this unconventional medium provides Mario with constant inspiration and new challenges which results in the creation of unparalleled artistry.

Mario has shot and directed advertising campaigns for clients such as Apple, Bobbi Brown, Estée Lauder, Cover Girl, Tom Ford Beauty, La Mer, Nike, Cartier, Samsung, Starbucks, Max Factor, Olay, Paul Smith, De Beers, Barneys, Pantene, L’Oreal,  Armani, Burberry fragrances and accessories, Swarovski, Clinique, Rimmel and TAG Heuer.

Mario currently resides in New York.


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