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What fascinates Chris Brooks about photography is the process of creating an image. Combining technical skill with an acute knowledge of the language of photography his ethos is to find ways to present images that whilst authentic take the subject matter to another level. His vision is to always create a story around his subject matter.

His work within the fields of fashion, advertising, portraiture and his own personal projects is always deeply layered, evocative and atmospheric. An image of an object is never just a still life; it will always have a back-story. When shooting a landscape he doesn’t want you just to view the photograph but feel as though you could be part of that narrative.

Working closely with brands such as Adidas, Burberry, Patron Tequila, Johnny Walker, Jo Malone, Mr Porter and Dunhill Chris’s work features regularly across the pages of a long list of international publications such as Amica, Hole and Corner, Glass Magazine and Esquire.

Dividing his time between Europe and the US Chris has also made films for, Bacardi and Dunhill Luggage.


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