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Emma Dalzell Director



Emma Dalzell is a filmmaker known for producing work that is raw, emotional and real, but above all cinematic.

She began her career assisting the celebrated photographer Tim Walker, and it was during that six-year period and many world-wide trips from Mexico and Outer Mongolia that she developed her passion for film, working alongside him on numerous projects, creating films of his shoots for the likes of British Vogue, Italian Vogue and W Magazine, producing Tim’s recent short ‘The Magic Paintbrush’ and co-directing his latest commercial for Jo Malone.

Though the pair still collaborate together on a regular basis, Emma now works independently as a director. Her recent projects include a mini documentary on the model and artist Sang Woo Kim ahead of his first solo show in Berlin and a study of the dancer John-William Watson at the Conservatoire, Antwerp.


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